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Terms and Conditions

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§1 Coverage
Our terms and conditions apply to contracts made either by telephone, letter, e-mail or personally between the hostel and guest, for letting rooms, beds and further services of the Hostel 45. The guests own terms and conditions are of no application to the Hostel 45. Other arrangements are only valid, when a written confirmation is given from the Hostel 45. The hostel has the right to exercise its property rights if guests harm our house rules or are purposely destructive. We will, at occurrence, use our rights thoroughly and at any time.

§2 Conclusion of contact
Contacts are in force either orally or written. Renting a room or bed to a third party is forbidden.

§3 Prices and payment
Guests are asked to pay immediately at check-in either by cash, credit or EC card.

The appointed prices include value added tax. If there are three months between the booking and arrival time, the hostel can raise the arranged prices of a concluded contract, should the hostel have changed its prices during the stated period of time.

Changes of booking of any kind ( number of beds, rooms, duration or other services) allows the hostel to change prices accordingly.

The hostel is authorised at any time to demand an adequate advance payment, however the amount is a maximum of 50 percent. The balance of the open account is to be transferred onto the Hostel 45 business account within 7 days.

Our invoices are payable after receiving and without deduction.

The hostel is allowed to charge 4 percent interest at the current market rate of the central European bank on any open accounts. The guest has a low quantum of damages, the hostel a higher. The guest can only settle with undisputed and legally binded ascertained claims against the claims of the hostel.

§4. Room or bed leasing, and leaving the rented rooms and beds
Check-in time is, if not otherwise arranged, between 4 pm and 8 pm. Check-out time is at 11:00 am at the latest on the arranged day of departure. After this time, the hostel can charge 50 percent of the room price until the time of 3 pm. After 3 pm the full amount will be charged.

If rooms are left particularly untidy, a cleaning charge will be added. The guest, after conclusion of contract, has the right to the number and price of the rooms, however not the right of the allocation of certain beds in certain rooms.

Booked beds or rooms are available to all guests at 4 pm on the day of arrival. Provided late arrival is otherwise expressly agreed, the hostel has the right to make reserved rooms available after 7 pm. No claims can be made by the guest.

§5 Group bookings
If the initiator of damage to rooms, including kitchen and bathrooms, cannot be ascertained, then the group as a whole will be held responsible. For excessive mess or staining of rooms and beds, we will charge for any further cleaning.

§6 Cancellation of contact, non-arrivals.
The hostel will deduct the amount received from other guests, leasing rooms from non-arrivals, from the original contract. The hostel has the right to charge a fixed price for extra costs caused by non-arrivals, also an invoice will be issued to the rest sum of the contract.
Any cancellation or changing has to be in writing.
A fee will be charged for contract cancellation. The fee amounts, for groups from 3 persons onwards, at 25 percent within 21 days before arrival and 50 percent within 14 days before arrival. Within 7 days before arrival the fee will be 100 percent of the whole sum.
For individuals, booking cancellations or modifications must be made as many days in advance as the number of nights booked. The minimum notice required to cancel or change bookings is 2 days prior arrival.
The guest has a low quantum of damages, the hostel a higher.

Services through a third party or other special services resulting useless are to be paid by the guest at the full amount. The obligation to pay concerning a cancellation does not appeal if it is represented by the hostel. Costs, for example, visa, – telephone and handling charges cannot be reimbursed after cancellation.

We recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance. Nearly every major insurance company offers such an insurance for a small amount.

§7 Hostel cancellation
The hostel has the right to eliminate a contract if a guest does not pay the adequately priced advance payment within the time given. Furthermore is the hostel obliged to cancel a contract if higher forces or other circumstances make the contract unacceptable. False applications such as a name, address and bank details, free the hostel from carrying out a contract.

§8 Special conditions
The hostel is allowed to arrange special conditions for payment, cancellation i.e., especially in case of group bookings or early bookings.

§9 Technical fittings and current points
As far as the hostel obtains a third party for technical fittings, it works in the guests name and on the guests account. The guest is responsible for correct handling and for the safe return of any fittings obtained.
The usage of the guests own electrical appliances is only permied after an agreement with the hostel. The guest is held responsible to any damage done to the hostels electrical system caused by a guests own appliance. The cost of electricity may be of a fixed rate and charged if necessary. The guest is only with permission from the hostel allowed to use its own telephone, telefax and data communication equipment. Connection fees may be charged.

§10 Loss or damage of items. Hostel liability
Personal and other belongings are carried at the guest‘s own risk. The hostel has no guard or safe-keeping duty. The hostel has no responsibility over lost or damaged items, except in major carelessness on the hostel‘s side. The insurance of items brought to the hostel are of the guest‘s concern.
For missed wake up calls, lost postage or missed calls is the hostel only liable if loss is intent and/or grossly negligent. Otherwise, the hostel is liable – except in cases of intent or gross negligence – only when essential parts of contract duty are not fulfilled and to the amount covered by the business liability insurance.

§11 obligation to co-operate
The guest is obliged to make any complaints directly to our staff. These are assigned to help as quickly as possible. In failure to make notice of a fault, a guest has no right to a reduction of fee.

§12 Final clause
Invalidity of single terms do not lead to invalidity of the whole contract.