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City of Bonn

Bonn e.V. provides with exciting guided tours day and night (f. e. Tour D‘Amour – Love stories from Bonn, Breweries and beer culture, and other English speaking tours), including games and explorations like a City-caching GPS tour through Bonn, as well as adventures in natural settings around the city (f. e. Paddling on Rhine and Sieg rivers).

Bonn Information provides with varied sight-seeing and walking tours. The big sight-seeing tour with convertible bus counts as a classic.



Here at the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, his life and works are demonstrated through authentic and genuine documents. Changing expositions, piano concerts, and reading tours turn this house into a major point of attraction in Bonn as an international centre of music. >>


In 1912, enthusiastic zoologist and collector Alexander Koenig founded this museum. Originally intended to being benificial for science, the museum later was opened to public.

The permanent exhibition Discovering and Explaining Biodiversity provides as a major task of the research institute. Staged biotopes and environments offer the vistors a unique experince appealing all senses. >>


The Kunstmuseum was inaugurated in 1992 and is one of the most remarkable venues of its kind throughout the country. Contemporary art, works of August Macke and Rhenish expressionists are exhibited, as well as a considerable collection of German art past 1945. >>


The Rhenish State Museum Bonn of the regional authority Rheinland is known as one of the old-established museums in Germany.
In 2003, the museum reopened after extensive reconception to thematical relevance.

The National Art and Exhibition Hall (known as Bundeskunsthalle) located at Museumsmeile is one of the most visited museums in Germany. >>


Rhein River

Panoramic sightseeing tours and various theme-related round trips including events, such as sushi courses, live music or brunch, taking off right at the Rhine banks. >>

arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck

Historical train station Rolandseck and newly constructed arp museum, which are connected by an underground tunnel provide with an impressive sight surrounded by landscape. >>

Brühl Castles

Augustusburg Castle, known as one of the first rococo constructions, hunting lodge Falkenlust and UNESCO world heritage listed palace gardens are located only a few kilometers outside of Bonn. >>

Freilichtmuseum Kommern

Work and leisure time, daily routine and traditional festivities in Rhineland. The open-air museum provides with traditional life and works of Rhinish people in past times. >>